Information Systems

MOSECO Information Systems Engineering Division (ISE)

he mission of the ISE Division is to provide systems and IT solutions to the local Saudi market (Public and Private). Our research and development studies had strengthened our strategic planning in marketing and sales. ISE division occupies personnel with long experience in their fields of specialty. MOSECO ISE Division understands that in order to provide good services to its customers it has to have the right infrastructure to be able to market, sell, supply, implement, support and maintain provided system solutions. Therefore the Computer staff were carefully selected to cover the diverse activities of this division. MOSECO has invested and will invest to make its human resources of engineers, developers and technicians skillful and capable to handle their assignments. 

ISE Division is composed of the following sections:

Computer Information System

Conduct market researches and develop marketing strategies and plans MOSECO products and services. Develop sales plans and execute them through professional sales engineers that.

  • Provide IT turn Key Solution.
  • Design, Plan, Implement Complete Imaging and Document management Solutions.
  • Provide technical support for all computer hardware and peripherals.
  • Provide maintenance support for systems with maintenance agreements.
  • Install and troubleshoot Operating Systems. 
Utility Services System:
  • Develop Application systems required by our customers. Implement required solutions according to developed implementation plans and methodologies.
  • Provide Technical support for implemented solutions.
  • Implement and Customize third party packages.
Networking System:
  • Design and implement networking (LAN/WAN) according to each specific required solution.
  • Provide technical support for implemented networking solutions
Tenders & Projects 
  • Develop proposals for large-scale solutions.
  • Develop contracts and agreements with customer agencies.
  • Perform project management on all IT-related projects.
  • Develop and execute implementation plans of IT solutions.
Business Functions  
  1. Consulting Services 
  2. Systems Development. 
  3. Systems Implementation  
  4. IT Projects Management  
  5. Networks and data communications
  6. Systems Migration
  7. Training 
  8. Operations and Maintenance 
Business Areas
  1. Real time Systems
  2. Management Information Systems
  3. Internet / Intranet Solutions 
  4. Decision Support Systems
  5. Document Imaging Systems
  6. Interactive Media Systems
  7. Local Area Networks
  8. Wide Area Networks
  9. Unix and NT servers
  10. Personal Computers and Business Workstations
  11. Computer Peripherals
  12. Office Automation
  13. Operations and Maintenance Systems
  14. Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Developed Systems

Various applications were developed to run with document Management Systems that MOSECO has implemented at user's sites. 

  • Personnel Management System
  • Document Management System
  • Imaging Incoming and Outgoing System
  • Banking Signature Verification System
  • Vehicle Maintenance System
  • Medical Records Management System.
Fully integrated Stock Control System that covers all aspects of stock control.  More advanced features are being added to it such as depreciation, sales statistics, customer history, etc.

Maintenance Management System, which covers various aspects of maintenance management affecting, finances and stocks control.  Currently available under MS‑DOS, VAX / VMS and UNIX.  Directly applicable to airports, Hospitals, Universities, Industries, etc.

Communication Programming Tools, which consists of a library of C‑Language subroutines developed to allow programmers interfacing their application to access data stores on a Mini‑computer or mainframe while the application is running on the PC using Standard RS‑232.