Medical Equipment

General Information 

Since 1978, MOSECO has been selling and supporting bio-medical Hi-tech equipment for private hospitals and clinics as well as governmental health institutions. Although most of this equipment have proven to be maintenance free for several years, MOSECO has well trained electronics engineers and workshops. Therefore MOSECO provides hands-on-trainings and rapid repair and preventative maintenance for all medical equipment installed at various customers sites.  The team of the medical division comprises more than twenty-five sales and service engineers acting through the three offices of MOSECO in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam

Nature Of Business:

  1. Manufacturer's Representative.
  2. Diagnostic X-Ray, ultrasound, patient monitoring & irradiation equip.
  3. Supply, Installation, Maintenance & Operation Bio medical Mass Storage Training and Maintenance Labs.
  4. Medical Equipment / Surgical Equipment / Hospital Supplies & Furniture.
  5. Scientific Research & Laboratory Equipment.