Sample Projects

Information Systems Engineering Sample Projects

Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu 

Project : Integrated Computer Systems for water and sewer facilities. 

Project Summary: 

Provide all required professional services for the detailed integrated design of instrumentation, control, computer systems, communication network and electrical power supply features of a Water and Sewer Unified Control System (WSUCS). The proposed WSUCS will replace the existing control system.

The project scope of work includes the design, engineering, procurement, construction, testing, training, operation and maintenance of the Control system as a turnkey project to monitor and control all water and sewer facilities. The system is redundant in all its components (i.e. Servers, workstations, network and instruments)

The Project includes the following equipment:

  • 2 Real time database servers running windows NT enterprise operating system with clustering
  • 2 Relational Database servers running windows NT enterprise operating system with clustering
  • 2 Historical analysis servers running windows NT enterprise operating system with clustering
  • 1 Departmental server running windows NT operating system 
  • 25 High-end Engineering workstations
  • 6 High-end workstations
  • 10 internal LAN installations in all sites including redundant switches to connect to Fiber Optic Backbone WAN 
  •  2* 25 Km (Redundant) Fiber Optic WAN
  • Computer peripherals (10 Color laser printers, 2 B/W laser printers, 12 Heavy duty Line printers, storage devices, etc.) 

Location : Madinat Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah 

Total Amount : 16,000,000 SR

RSAF ( Royal Saudi Air Force)

Design & implementation of LAN/WAN including setup of IT environment Oracle development tools and database Sun spark server, Sun Unix. Compaq server Windows NT. 60 Workstation Couple of Printer & Plotters. Microsoft Windows NT Training

Total Amount : 16,000,000 SR Duration : One Year

National Information Center

Documents Management Systems 

Total Amount : 8,998,406 Duration : 3 Years

Islamic Development Bank

Provide Watermark imaging software and related hardware system. 100 User License Watermark Enterprise- 100 User License Watermark Image Server 32 Platter License Watermark HSM-Filing and Office Automating Application Integrated with Lotus Notes on Windows Environment Total 

Amount : 690.770 SR Duration : 10 weeks


(Tax Department) Automatic Document Indexing & Filing Using Watermark Imaging Package 25 Workstation+2 NT Server 20 Plotter Plasmon Jukebox, Compaq Servers, Oracle Development tools and database. 

Total Amount : 681,705 SR Duration : Three Years and Nine Months

Al-Diwan Al-Malaki (The Royal Council) 

Provide and Installation for computer equipment and archiving system. 50 User License Watermark Enterprise-50 User License Watermark Image Server 16 Platter License Watermark HSM-Filing and Archiving Application on Windows Environment and IBM Servers. 50 Workstation – 50 workstation – MS SQL Database – Visual Basic Development.

Total Amount : 616.889 SR Duration : 10 weeks